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Update? Update!

2016-10-09 21:35:08 by ColeBobAnimation

Hey fellas, It's your pal, ColeBobAnimation. I haven't put out any original content on this site (shocker, I know) but I have helped out with other people's work this past year, and will most likely continue with that. But, don't worry, I'm currently working on a music video for "May Be A Price To Pay" by The Alan Parsons Project (Listen to the song here). I won't be able to make the Halloween deadline (Sadly) but it will come out. I'm not happy with the animatic of it so I'm planning to redo a good chunk of it and try out some cool shots in the process. In other news, I'm working on a new show "Good Wholesome Fun", which is currently in development. There's no release date for it as of this writing, but it's coming soon probably!!!!!!!

One more thing is that I'm working on a secret project with another Newgrounds user as of this moment. It's nothing big or anything (That's why it's coming out this year lol), but hopefully you'll enjoy it. Anyway, that's all for now. Hopefully I actually stay true to my word this time.



                                                  Ew disgusting! Get him out of here! ^^^^^


I wanna be like Bornracer guys, he has a dream. Sprint fast, my man..

What Am I Working On????????

2016-02-29 19:25:13 by ColeBobAnimation

In The Zone, As always, and a new cartoon commissioned by a good friend of mine JayVortexed called "Stan Goes To The Skate Park Remastered". No word on weather it's going on Newgrounds or if it's just gonna be on YouTube. It will be out in March so be on the lookout for that!




Some of the animation I did this year. 



I Animated An Episode Of A Show!

2015-08-01 23:25:43 by ColeBobAnimation

The show is caled "Sperm Talk". It was created by my friend 65Tiptoe and it's gud. Watch it. The episode's based off this really annoying kid. We decided to make fun of him.


I'm not sure anymore..

2015-07-30 16:45:48 by ColeBobAnimation

I feel really ashamed about this but..

I'm thinking about re-writing Squigs' new car (at least some of it).

The script feels really bland and unfunny. I don't want to work on something that I don't enjoy. It might take a while, but stay seated. I apologize to my voice actors (except Pivs, his lines were gr8 m8). My sincere apologies. I'm trying my best. I'll move it to later in the season as well. Time to go back to square one..


What's up? I'm working on In The Zone, and I have a screenshot from the episode! Yee! In other news, I have another social media outlet (OH MY FUCKING GOD STOP MAKING SHIT LIKE THIS). Both pges (The Tumblr and the Facebook) are going to be active, so don't worry. In The Zone will have at least one episode by September, But I've promised you guys this so many times before, and you might doubt me.4915670_143758071753_Cover.png

Squigs Now Has A Tumblr

2015-07-20 16:22:44 by ColeBobAnimation

Squigs, one of the main characters from the upcoming series "In The Zone", now has a Tumblr! Ask him some questions an' shit..

Go and check it out! If want to, use it! That way it won't be a completely useless component to the website!

It's done....

2015-05-02 16:01:58 by ColeBobAnimation

The script for episode one of In The done..


It was such a challenge writing the pilot for this show. Writer's block and thinking your own script is shit had alot to do with writing the script. But thanks to tons of support from others I finally got it done, and I'm proud of my script. The episode will be released around June-July (hopefully).