Entry #25

Update? Update!

2016-10-09 21:35:08 by ColeBobAnimation

Hey fellas, It's your pal, ColeBobAnimation. I haven't put out any original content on this site (shocker, I know) but I have helped out with other people's work this past year, and will most likely continue with that. But, don't worry, I'm currently working on a music video for "May Be A Price To Pay" by The Alan Parsons Project (Listen to the song here). I won't be able to make the Halloween deadline (Sadly) but it will come out. I'm not happy with the animatic of it so I'm planning to redo a good chunk of it and try out some cool shots in the process. In other news, I'm working on a new show "Good Wholesome Fun", which is currently in development. There's no release date for it as of this writing, but it's coming soon probably!!!!!!!

One more thing is that I'm working on a secret project with another Newgrounds user as of this moment. It's nothing big or anything (That's why it's coming out this year lol), but hopefully you'll enjoy it. Anyway, that's all for now. Hopefully I actually stay true to my word this time.



                                                  Ew disgusting! Get him out of here! ^^^^^


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